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Hire a BMW X5

BMW X5 Hire

Price: From £250 per day

Thrilling performance, beautiful design, pioneering innovation.

Imposing and majestic, from the outside, the BMW hire car is packed with design cues taken straight from the world of motorsports. Whether you’re looking for an elite hire car to accommodate a sports trip or provide everyday functionality for long-term hire, the BMW X5 will ensure you’re kept looking sleek and stylish. It’s dynamic with impressive performance and has a first-class interior to match.

The SUV hire car provides plenty of space, seating five comfortably with lots of spare room for storage. Whilst it ticks all the boxes in terms of practicality, the interior styling hasn’t been forgotten. The perfect balance of luxury and sport, high quality leather upholstery, contrasting colours and matt chrome are enough to get any driver’s adrenaline going whilst retaining the feel of an exclusive design.


Every element has been carefully crafted to offer the best driving experience for both driver and passenger. The driver’s area has been likened to a pilot’s cockpit, thanks to stylish, deep Merino leather seats which keep you stable even on the sharpest corner as well as functions and features being available at your fingertips.

Rent a BMW X5 from Monarchy Automotive TODAY!

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