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Hire a BMW M4

BMW M4 Hire

Price: From £450 per day

Thrilling performance, beautiful design, pioneering innovation.

Rated in the top five sports coupés by well-known critics and reviewers, the BMW M4 is a distinctive high-performance hire car which also combines elements of practicality for the perfect drive. It’s dramatic and thrilling to drive, ideal if you’re looking to hire a sportscar in the UK for a special occasion. The classic BMW design keeps the prestige hire car looking sleek and sophisticated, whilst still packing enough speed and comfort to please any car fanatic. Extremely versatile, the BMW M4 is flash enough to hire for a show stopping entrance to an event but also comfortable and luxurious enough to hire for a weekend break in the UK.

From the outside the BMW M4 prestige hire car is powerful and stylised, with all design elements focused on its aerodynamics and prowess. It is classically BMW, an instantly recognisable sportscar with all the luxury design cues the elite marque are famous for. Hire a BMW M4 and every other driver on the road will know its potential power and capabilities just from its exterior design. As well as a flawless look, this luxury hire sportscar features carbon fibre elements to help reduce the weight and increase speed potential.

Inside, the carbon fibre finishing continues, alongside top-of-the-range leather upholstery for a sporty but elegant finish. This car comfortably seats four, ideal for hiring to drive alone or for a break in London with friends. Differing from other sportscars, the boot and storage space is ample, another way which BMW have made this premium hire car more versatile and accessible. As with all BMWs, the cockpit is very much focused around the driver, every setting and necessity is within reach for an all-round enjoyable drive. The BMW infotainment system is also kept simple for easy-use and has been described as one of the best packages on the market.

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