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Hire an Audi RSQ8

Audi RSQ8 Hire

Price: From £450 per day

Thrilling performance, beautiful design, pioneering innovation.

The Audi RSQ8 is the marque’s largest, fastest, and most powerful luxury hire SUV yet. Boasting the space and practicality of a 4×4 but the performance of a supercar, it’s ideal for thrill seekers looking to hire a luxury car for a road trip or weekend getaway.

It features a 4.0 litre V8 petrol engine which produces a phenomenal amount of torque, leading to a top speed of 155mph and acceleration from 0-62mph in just 3.8 seconds for an exciting driving experience. The Audi RSQ8 hire car is also highly versatile, with an exceptional looking exterior which wouldn’t look out of place at event arrival or for corporate use.

The exterior of the Audi RSQ8 hire car is broad and muscular, with deep curves and sharp straight lines, hinting at the power within. A dominating grille plate sits in between advanced LED headlights whilst the aluminium and chrome trim completes the polished look.


Every element has been carefully designed to produce the most power; from the 22-inch alloy wheels to the superior ground clearance, the Audi RSQ8 has an intimidating road presence which makes it incredible to drive.


Rent an Audi RSQ8 from Monarchy Automotive TODAY!

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